Frequently Asked Questions

Please email to if you have any further questions.

If you are an FMS employee, you are now able to pay your FMAE tuition by payroll deduction with a 75% incentive. I have included the following process to do so. Procedure: 1. FMS employees must send an email to INFO@FMAE.ORG first, with your name, phone, campus, and the name of enrolling courses to request an FMS payroll deduction before starting a new course. 2. FMAE sends the form to FMS for verification. 3. FMS deducts 25% of the course tuition from your payroll check. 4. Once cleared, FMS will pay for your full tuition 5. If you have an account, you will be enrolled in the course at
If you would like your classes to count for College credit through Cal State University, you will want to select the “For Credit” option. If you feel you do not need college units or will never want to transfer them select the “No Credit” option.
The only charges you will receive from FMAE are your actual tuition costs and if you elect us to print your classroom materials. If you would prefer a soft copy of materials that you print yourself, you can elect for this upon online sign up. Other fees from AMS and MACTE will be applied when you are applying your credential during the Practicum II. International students have different tuition and fee schedule, please see international student page.
We ask that you sign up ahead of time, so we can provide adequate materials and instructors for each class. By signing up ahead of time you will receive an emailed syllabus and other pertinent information before class starts.
Online courses have no deadlines: 
You may enroll anytime and complete courses in your own pace. You will have to complete the whole program in 3 years though, or you have to write a letter for AMS to explian why you have to extend your studying period. 
We ask that you pay through the portal via a credit card. This is to ensure you have an accurate accounting of what you paid and to provide an easy form of payment. You may choose to pay by check Alipay or Zelle as well, Please contact for instruction.       
The For-Credit option is more money since FMAE needs to pay for your units through Cal State. Since FMAE pays the Cal State system for your college units, no additional payment to Cal State is required.
The Director of the program would be happy to review your transcripts to see if your units will transfer. We cannot guarantee the ability to transfer, but we are happy to review them.
Your internship at an FMS campus is not guaranteed. You are responsible for finding your own internship placement.
No, one great aspect of our program is the ability to take classes at your convenience. You can take multiples classes at once or spread them out over a few years. Our new online courses give you more flexibility to complete our course anywhere, anytime.
Yes, we issue I-20 for international students for their F-1 VISA. Please check out our International Student Office page for more details.
Unfortunately, we do not offer tuition assistance, but we do strive to offer an affordable, quality program. Obviously pursuing a non-credit option is lower cost and still provides you a Certification. We do offer payment plans via credit card upon enrollment.
You can get your credential is approximately 22 months. This includes your class and practicum. But you can accelerate your class schedule by taking our intensive courses, or take a quarter(s) off. We are pleased to offer flexibility to our students.
Upon enrollment in each class, you will receive your instructor(s) contact information and access to the student portal. You may contact your instructors in each course page. We have forum, real time chat, phone number, and online meeting function.
The student portal offers grades, class information, and handouts. Almost all of your pertinent information can be found on the portal. Students need to register first on website, then choose course, pay. You will access to your course and start your studying right after your payment is through.
We do offer Classroom Lab schedules. Please contact to set this up.